MONAE - Small Wool Felt Beret With Bow Women's Winter Hat

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Accentuate Your Outfits

Felt beret are accessories that emphasize your silhouette with a sense of serenity and dignity. This small beret for women brings out the magnificence of style and grace without trying too hard. It resembles a felt hat but is much smaller and unpretentious. Add it to any outfit and see the remarkable difference it imparts to the entire ensemble.

 This is a lovely small beret handmade on a wooden block of high-quality wool felt is comfortable and durable. The interior is trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon. This is very comfortable - one size small beret holds on elastic. You can wear it in fall or winter, anyway, it keeps warm and comfortable.

Available in melange grey, navy blue, black colors.

Eco-Friendly material

Felt is a wonderfully versatile fabric with a long history. High quality felt consists out of 100% Lana wool. Blocked by hand into beautiful clothing and exquisite works of art. Felt is also a good insulator it is wind and rainproof. It can be cut and will not fray because it has no yarns to unravel Dense felt can be distorted and molded into various shapes for uses such as hats, boots, and bags.

 Please, note that the color shown at the picture may no longer be available

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